Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index



The following questions relate to your usual sleep habits during the past month only. Your answers should indicate the most accurate reply for the majority of days and nights in the past month. Please answer all questions.


During the past month...

What time have you usually gone to bed at night?
How long (in minutes) has it usually taken you to fall asleep each night?
What time have you usually gotten up in the morning?
How many hours of actual sleep did you get at night? (This may be different than the number of hours you spent in bed.)


During the past month, how often have you had trouble sleeping because you...

Couldn't get to sleep within 30 minutes?
Woke up in the middle of the night or early morning?
Had to get up to use the bathroom?
Couldn't breathe comfortably?
Coughed or snored loudly?
Felt too cold?
Felt too hot?
Had bad dreams?
Had pain?


During the past month...

How would you rate your sleep quality overall?
How often have you taken medicine to help you sleep (prescribed or "over the counter")?
How often have you had trouble staying awake while driving, eating meals, or engaging in social activity?
How much of a problem has it been for you to keep up enough enthusiasm to get things done?


Do you have...

A roommate?